1Live Broadcast

Corporate Conference has become a vital part for businesses to execute in order to create synergy in communication at all levels. But it's not very easy to arrange a Corporate Conference with all employee or marketing manager for large company.

And our Live Broadcasting team can give you the solution to communicate at all levels. Our Live Broadcasting team can help you to spread your information trough live online streaming broadcasting in your index page (home page) of your website.

So be it travel management, tours customized, product or services related specific group requirements, events, entertainment, business communication assistance, etc.

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2Event Mang.

What We Do?
An event is normally a large gathering of people at a place on a specified time for a particular reason. Having said that, there's very little that's normal about an event. In our experience, each one is different and their variety is enormous. We plan these occasions in meticulous details, manage them from the ground, dismantle them when they are over and assess the result.

How We Do It ?
Events can be used to communicate key message, faster community relations, motivate work forces or raise funds.One of the first things we ask our clients is, what they want to achieve from their event. This is the cornerstone of the whole operation, our starting point and most importantly. it's the way success can be measured. We will work alongside our team and communicate clearly & regularly throughout the process. We are completely transparent and there is always room for "What ifs?" and discussions.

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3Meeting Arng.

We are backed by our professional team of highly experienced and skilled professional who manages corporate conference at every level and carry out it at it the best. Our quality services have been well appreciated by our valued clients. Our team members have managed conferences of every kind – from large conferences, meeting and events for multinational companies to small board meetings. Every detail is taken care by our team at minute level and implemented at the time of execution. They have successfully carried out many rounds off successful event at any venue. Ananta Group (organizers.anantagroup.com) is a big organizer in India offers quality services and gives solutions for several corporate conferences.

Our service is truly cost-effective and competitive, available at best price in the industry, our corporate conference is a wonderful experience where you can fulfill your business purposes and make new communication strategy. Nowadays, Corporate Conference is crucial and in trend, we organize for both small and big corporate sector. We, a service provider firm attained complete solution for providing corporate Conference. Our meticulous meeting plan, research and selection ensure that our client’s aim of conducting conference is fully met and is successful in impressing target business.