Welcome to Black-iz IT & Web Design Services! Did you know that having a professional website can help you increase sales and expose you to thousands of new clients? So now ask yourself this question, "Can I afford NOT to have a professional website?


Don't think so, cause now you are in the right place in the right time. We offer a statastic, high decorated web-site for your organization (yourorganization.com) with hosting, domain in only 7,999BDT(for one year). No hidden or extra charge needed. Just pick up your cell phone and dial at 016-71502396.


For more info call @ +88-017-17695631


Push-Pull SMS / Bulk SMS :
We provide you the push pull and bulk sms services. There are two kind of SMS in our services.

)Push Pull SMS
)Bulk SMS

The BULK SMS also have two categories.

)Branding SMS
)Non-Branding SMS

The Bulk is meaned that the SMS you are sending to your client. If it is Branding Bulk SMS then it sent from a spacific name like "your comapny name" and nln-branding send from a four digits number like 2233 etc.

Now have to describe about the Push-Pull SMS services, it is free and when a client ask any question about your company via a massage/sms he/she will get an answer within two second.

3MLM Present.

We BLACK iz IT is very spacial for MLM companies. We understand MLM welly then other. So, our BLACK iz IT also has a great offer for MLM companies.

Make your MLM companies presentation in only 3000BDT in 24hours! Just send us a mail or just a call, our team member will reach to you in a short time.

We have already designed some MLM companies presentation so we have a great and lot experiences about that. To get the best support from the market we are the best and better! Not only in .PPT or .PPTX format rather we can give you the presentation in many other format like .3gp, .avi, online, flv, PDF, .mp4 and many other. Which presentation is able to preview by any mobile, i-pod, mp4 and other.

Don’t wast time more time give us a chance to prove!