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BLACK iz Institution, the complete solution for your career.

Professional Web Designing Course: If You've Always Wanted to Learn Web Design in a short tim then you are in the right place!!

BLACK iz is a professional Web Design company. Now we share our Web design experiences with everyone else through our Web Design Course, which is offered online to anyone willing to become a Professional Web Designer. After Completing the Web Design Course of us, you will be designing Professional BLOG site, standard website, news site and more. Our Web Design Course has a duration of two Months, and this is what you will learn within the two months.


As part of the Course Material, you will be given: Enroll now to learn web design
* 1 free Top Domain ( own website address ),
* 400MB/10GB bandwith free Web Hosting Account,
* Unlimited free domain email account (,
* Free 100 Web design sheet,
* 10 Free Web Design Softwares,
* Video Tutorial CD/DVD
* And more,...
After compliting this course you will be able to do,

Web Designing
Blog Designing
Free Site Open
Social Plug-in Using
Flash Using
Web Editing
Temlpate Designing

And many more...,


The Importance Of A Website For A Business: Life in the 21 st century is full of technological advancement and in this technological age it is very difficult for a business to survive without a website. Businesses without a website in today's date tend to lose large number of its potential customers. Each and every individual from a kid to an elderly person prefer the internet to look out for their desired products. The number of search engines is increasing day by day and if your business is not on these engines you tend to loose your customers to your competitors. So, you can also made your website with BLACK iz Publication the reliable and the trusted name in IT.


Computer Hardware Assembling and Repairing: If You've Always Wanted to Learn About Computer Hardwaring, Hardware Assembling, Hardware Repairing you are the right place!!.

You are now j ust few step away to become a total Computer Hardware developer / assembler.

As part of the Course Material, you will be given:
* Hardware Video Tutorial CD,
* 2 Books on Hardware Engineering,
* 10 Hand Notes,
* Tips to Quick Repair,
After compliting this course you will be able to do,

Hardware Assembling, Computer Hardwaring, Hardware Repairing, OS setup, BIOS setup, Software Setup, And more.

BLACK iz Publication helps you to complete your organization to make your dream fulfill. It helps you in various ways by completing your website, visiting card, ID card, prospectus, presentation and other papers. So, are there any better solutions without BLACK iz Publication.

BLACK iz Institution's other services.

Professional Office Expert Course : MS PowerPoint : MS PowerPoint, Presentation Making, Presentation Designing, Presentation Editing, Visiting/ID Card Making, Invitation Card, Etc.. in PPT format, Video Format. MS Excel : MS Excel,
Database Making
Data Report Making
Data Result Making
All function of Excel
All term of mathematics

MS Word :
BIO Data Writing
Letter Writing
Application Writing
All Kind of Papers Making


PPT to EXCEL converting
Video Presentations Making
Word file to Excel converting
Word file to PPT converting , Etc. As part of the Course Material, you will be given: * 20 Hand Notes, * Tips to Quick Working, * Tutorial CD




Muhammad Mehedi Menafa (MMM)
Designer and Main Editor
BLACK iz (BLACK iz a way to the little friendshop..,)

I am personally a film maker and also a writer, I have recently made a telefilm which is named by "SHURJER MUKTI" and also wrote a noble which is known as "KISU PATA".

As a designer or beautification manager I have joined at BLACK iz in 2008 and recently I have also became their Main Editor. I am really enjoying and feeling proude to be BLACK iz-an. We all are family and friends. I strongly belive that the BLACK iz will touch the sky soon INSHA-ALLAH (If Allah wants).