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This msg is for every girl who goes to college or office alone!!!!
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This msg is for every girl who goes to college or office alone. If u find any child crying on road showing his/her address n asking u to take him/her to that address, take that child to police station n plz don't take it to that address. IT IS A NEW WAY OF GANGS TO STEAL,RAPE and KIDNAP GIRLS. Pls circulate to all. Don't feel shy to copy this as ur status. Our one msg may save a girl.


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Dear All, How to detect a HIDDEN CAMERA in trial rooms…,



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In front of the trial room take your mobile and make sure that mobile can make calls……. . Then enter into the trail room, take your mobile and make a call….. If u can’t make a call……!! !! There is a hidden camera…… This is due to the interference of fiber optic cable during the signal transfer…. .. Please forward this to your friends to educate this issue to the public…… To prevent our innocent ladies from HIDDEN CAMERA…… ….. Pinhole Cameras in Changing Rooms of Big Bazaar, Shoppers Stop? A few days ago, I received this text message: Please don’t use Trial room of BIG BAZAAR there are pinhole cameras to make MMS of young girls. So, please forward to all girls. Also forward to all boys who have sisters and girlfriends. Its been shown on Tv9. Don’t be shy in forwarding this message. Because its about protecting the integrity of all girls & ladies.
.Sometimes, you find yourself just looking at your work, not comprehending anything. The wandering mind refuses to be reined in - it simply can’t be controlled. Does this sound similar? Well! This isn’t a unique problem or something to worry about. It happens to all of us at some point or the other when we are too bogged down with work and life. Research says that we are all born with the same power to utilize our mind. So the mind is the most powerful tool to elevate or degrade ourselves. Remember, the mind is our best friend, if we can control it and our worst enemy, when it dictates terms.

Seven way to safe your hair,..


1) Watching your hair fall out can be very traumatic. Cutting your hair short or shaving it can help you feel more in control and avoid difficult emotions triggered by sudden hair loss.

2) amy.jpgBe prepared! Don’t wait until your hair is gone to figure out what you need. Have a small sample assortment of head wear options on hand before hair loss occurs. Once you’ve determined your preferences, you can always purchase multiples of particular items.

3) Chemo-induced hair loss is almost always temporary. Keep this in mind when choosing a wig that best suits your needs. Talk to other women who have purchased and worn wigs and research reputable wig salons. Many women feel more secure having a good wig on hand for public outings. Match a wig with your own hair color or experiment with a new color and style.

4) susanficus.jpgComfort is key. Tight hats, scarves, or wigs will cause headaches. Head wear that is not sufficiently snug will have you feeling insecure, wondering if it will stay in place. When choosing scarves, look for pre-fitted and pre-tied styles so that you don’t need to worry about raising or holding your arms over your head to style, tie or adjust your scarf.

5) colormehappy.jpgColor me happy! Colors that looked good on you prior to hair loss will still look good on you. Brighter and bolder colors can help brighten your self-image when you are feeling pale or tired.

6) Accessorize your look from the neck up - be bold and creative. Whether you’re wearing wigs, hats, scarves, or going bald, accessories like earrings or a necklace can add shine, sparkle, or definition to your face.

7) Keep your noggin warm! Without hair, you may find you’re more prone to get cold, especially at night. Soft, comfortable sleep caps can keep you snug and warm during your hair loss nights.


4 Tips to control your mind... ,

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We may have a short attention span, but that doesn’t mean we can’t control our mind and put it on track. A controlled mind channelizes one's entire mental energy towards a particular task. With no mind control, we can’t concentrate on work and hence pressure mounts. These 4 tips can help you control your mind.

What distracts you? Identifying distractive thoughts is the most important way of controlling the mind. Figure out why you’re not able to focus or pay attention and what keeps your mind pre-occupied? Give yourself time to identify these thoughts and write them down. After you’re through with writing them, see them objectively and then you know why these are disturbing and harmful for you. Encourage self talk to overcome this. Once you start doing this regularly, you’ll know how to eliminate these thoughts from your mind. (Read: Stress Management Tips)
Weed out petty negativity: The best way to practice this is to make watertight compartments for your mind. I know it’s easier said than done but this is a sure shot way to overcome distraction. Say, you’ve a personal problem that constantly distract you from your work; you need to solve the problem first, before you begin work. Similarly, if you’ve a problem with your supervisor, don’t keep it to yourself. Talk it out or if that doesn’t help, approach a higher authority for a solution. It’s difficult to control mind in discord. After the discussion, if it's satisfactory, tell yourself that you’ll not allow anger/negativity to bother you. For more, check out avoiding negativity at work.
Know yourself well: To keep your mind in control, you need to know yourself thoroughly. You’ve to be aware of who you are and your goals. Then you can ask your mind to follow you, otherwise, you’ll blindly follow an indisciplined mind and in the end, go nowhere.
Meditate: Remember, meditation is for the mind, what food is to body. It helps in a holistic way, re-energizing you and thereby helping you to control your mind. Learn to relax and meditate even while working. Close your eyes for a while and try concentrating on an object. If you can concentrate for some time, you’ll be the master of your mind very soon.




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