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Loan Management Module from Bangladesh


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Loan Management Software

The Loan Management System Module developed by SOFT <coders> Bangladesh is a Dynamics SL  enhancement product that allows the tracking of Loans including Mortgages and Notes and additional thinks. Our Loan Management system generates all schedules, allows for payment application, interest accurately on time. The module integrates with the General Ledger Module in Dynamics SL.

Loan Management software system Developed by SOFT <coders> Bangladesh is an Enhancement System/Utility Module for the Microsoft Dynamics SL suite of accounting applications, developed for Bangladeshi Companies to integrate with, perform like, look like and  the Dynamics SL Modules. This System/Utility requires  a Microsoft Dynamics SL software platform as a prerequisite for installation.




Benefits of Loan Management system by SOFT <coders> Bangladesh :
Multi Company : Whether using a single company or multiple companies, Loan Management System can track your loans with ease.
Features Include:
    Track Mortgages, Notes and Loans
    Track Payments on loans
    Track Payment and Amortization Schedules
    Accrue Interest Income
    Integrates with General Ledger
    Saves Time and Money