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Ledger Management Software Module from Bangladesh


customization software SOFT coders - software

Ledger Management Module from Bangladesh

SOFT <coders> Bangladesh’s legdger management System is designed to handle every aspect of  accounting management, providing the ability to track each step in the inventory life cycle from the time you create a purchase order for your supplier to the moment you ship the product to your customer.  Keep current account structure or set up a more organized system with an account mask of up to 24 alphanumeric characters and 10 user defined segments.

• Import budgets and other information from a CSV file.
• Quick chart of accounts and budget entry allow for quick setup.
• Quick Entry Transactions (After-the-Fact) for quickly clearing a stack of transactions
• Detailed information is quickly and easily available with Chart of Accounts drill down and Financial Statement drill down.
• Personalize income statements and balance sheets with custom headers and footers
• Investments module allows for tracking Company Investments with initial value, stock symbol, investment type, current value, length of investment, and more.
• Advanced Budgeting (optional) allows for locking an annual budget and providing a transactional, auditable method for budget modifications.
• Prohibit or warn over budget conditions with the use of the Purchase Order module.
• Integrated Grant Tracking is available for nonprofit organizations.
• Custom Group Headers on Balance Sheets and Income Statements.
• Optional After-The-Fact and Project Tracking (Grant Tracking for non-profits) are integrated in the General Ledger.
• Attach a file, website address or location to a Grant or Project under Maintain Grants or Projects.

ledger-generalLedger Software Features:

• User defined Account number 24 digit alphanumeric characters and 10 user-defined segments.
• Quick Chart of Accounts.
• Quick Budget Entry.
• Custom Fields designer allows for over 100 custom fields for data tracking.
• Custom Header and Footer messages.
• User Specific, Defined Entry Screens.
• Multiple retained earnings accounts.
• Complete Date Sensitivity.
• Multi-department consolidations through account segment naming.
• Copy Accounts for simplified company set up.
• Automatic deletion of inactive accounts.
• On-the-fly creation of accounts during journal entry.
• 13 prior periods.
• 13 budgets per account with original or revised budgets.
• Unlimited historical years.
• “Memo” account types store non-financial GL data.
• Budget Control/Encumbrance Feature – Prohibit or warn on the entry of Purchase Orders that result in an over-budget condition.
• Fully integrated budget upload from spreadsheet program.
• Consolidated General Ledger – Once enabled, accounts can be selected to consolidate in “summary” or “detail” and the destination company can be chosen for the consolidated entries. Each GL account is then assigned a “parent” company GL account. The parent company may have a different account structure and multiple “child” accounts may map to the same “parent” company account.
• Standard CYMA reports, including financial statements (and F9) may be run against the data set.
• Supports unlimited levels of consolidation.
• Unlimited user defined journals for transaction entry, with 6 alphanumeric characters for ID’s.
• Transactions entered in batches providing greater control of entry editing and posting.
• Recurring entries, allocated entries and automatic reversing entries.
• Transaction drilldown.
• Chart of Accounts drilldown.
• Financial Statement drilldown – income statement, subtype income statement, detail balance sheet and subtype balance sheet.
• 12-period columnar Income Statement.
• Income Statement Detail & subtype reports can be grouped by segment.
• Post subsidiary modules to user selected GL.
• Un-Post GL entry batches.
• System generated end-of-year closing entries.
• Import from other systems via a CSV file.
• Grant Tracking integrated with NFP General Ledger Module. Grants can be tracked through

transactions entered in AP, PR, AR, PO and GL. Information regarding Funding Source, Core Object Expense, Programs and Activities can be tracked. There is a capability to track Actions on the Grant to keep track of meetings, phone calls, etc. Grants can be budgeted by Funding Source, Core Object Expense, Programs and Activities. There is a tab on the Maintain Grant dialog to see the Financial Overview at a glance. Sixteen reports have been added to the GL module to help with analysis of data.

• Cross year and period reporting.
• Third party fixed asset export files can be imported into CYMAIV to create Depreciation Journal Entries
• When closing the GL year the system checks the AP and AR modules to make sure they are past the date of closings.
• Time and date stamps to all income and balance sheets.
• Project /Grant Tracking Budget Reports.
• Attach a file, website address or location to a Grant or Project under Maintain Grants or Projects.
• The Copy Chart of Accounts feature includes the copying of Journals, Allocations and Sub-types.
• General Ledger Allocations can be created after the transaction has been posted to General Ledger.
• Copy a Grant or a Project to a new Grant or Project.
• Allocate Journal entries to Grants, Projects, Jobs and Transaction Classification Codes.
• In After-the-Fact Cash Disbursements, users may now process multiple periods simultaneously.
• In After-the-Fact Cash Disbursements, the vendor information is now written into the description when. creating a Cash Disbursements.