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General software module in bnagladesh


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General software module in bnagladesh

SOFT </coders> Bangladesh’s flexible account structure provides for an unlimited number of General accounts numbers as defined by the user, allowing for postings to departments, such as, for example, Contract and Service work, Profit and Cost centers. The user definable General Ledger account structure allows accounting for small to medium sized businesses and nonprofit organizations.

A sample chart of accounts is included which may be used as is, deleted or modified as required to suit your business needs.


Used as standalone Software, no other software are required.
The number of General Ledger Accounts you may establish is unlimited as are the number of transactions.
Includes provision to use sub-account numbers if required.
Double entry bookkeeping ledger method prevents posting of unbalanced journal entries by checking debits and credits against each other before posting is allowed (the program prints details of the debit and credit journal entries and the unbalance amount before posting) .
On screen General Ledger account inquiries include pop-up window selection of General Ledger accounts for viewing, editing and journal entry.
Financial reports may be printed as often as required and are not restricted to month end closings.
Modifiable chart of accounts suitable for small to medium sized businesses, including manufacturing and construction industries.
The General Ledger is automatically updated from Journal Entries made in the General Ledger Software and from other AccountPro Software. No additional entries or postings are required for other Software to update the General Ledger.
Postings from other optional AccountPro Software to the General Ledger are flexible, and user definable, as to which general ledger accounts get debited and credited.
The chart of accounts may be modified, deleted or added to as often as required.